About Us

Demsay Elektronik meets your electronic components needs by executing shipments from the world’s leading electronic components suppliers. We have weekly regular shipments from USA, Europe, and Far East.

Our procurement includes Semiconductors, Passive Components, Connectors, Electromechanicals, Wires & Cables, PCBs, LED/LCD/TFT Displays; and we import products from worldwide distributors.


With our innovative and self development oriented structure we always aim for the best price and high-quality service and we get closer to our purpose step by step as we have always prioritized customer satisfaction since the day we were established.


With our shipments from global distributors, we are able to provide fast delivery of high quality components, while from the Far East we aim the procurement of equivalent products with reasonable prices. Our dynamic and professional procurement staff and sales engineers make research for our clients’ product demands and supply them with competitive prices.